The angels have my back, therefore I thrive; 1445.

Lisa Danaë - California native, Disney fanatic, and child of the 90’s - uses music as a platform to narrate her story of growth and empowerment. Her music is a combination of powerful pop hooks and heartfelt lyrics that draws inspiration from her past and how she intends to conquer her future.

Darkness helps us appreciate the light, and with Lisa Danaë’s music, her artistic choice of integrating dark instrumentals with upbeat and happy lyrics reflect the ups and downs of her journey.

Moved by the voices of the pop industry’s holy trinity, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake, Danaë pays tribute to her idols by blending contemporary R&B and urban pop.

Breaking her two-year hiatus, Danaë comes back with “1445”, a series of singles that, in the aftermath of heartbreak, explore her growth as a music artist and as a woman. The lucky number, “1445”, represents the unwavering strength of angels and the series will continue with songs such as “The End of the Line,” “Get Away,” “Glutton,” “Type Erase,” “Temporary” and many more to further illustrate the journey of self-recovery.

Danaë has collaborated with producer and mixer John McLucas (“1445", "The End of the Line", "Get Away", “Glutton", and "Type Erase"), Duck Leary (“Temporary"), and songwriter, a girl named jaen, to create songs that accurately tells her redemption story.

Danaë’s music is a pick me up for the broken-hearted, for the girls that want to let their hair down, for the boys that know their worth. Her listeners are just as independent and genuine. And have the same passion to let loose and break free of their past.

Danaë uses music as a vehicle to let her fans know that they are not alone. “...just because someone’s life looks so great on social media doesn’t mean that their life is perfect. I have made some mistakes, I’ve dealt with breakups, I’ve had self-doubt, but I do want people to know that if you strive to live in the light and stay positive/put positive energy out in the universe, you can pull yourself out of a negative place.”

When not creating music Danaë loves to travel, especially to Disneyland or to a local bar to grab drinks with her close friends. Her chill demeanor makes her a grounded, down to earth artist that relates better than anyone to her listeners and fans.

“No one can tell you what you can and cannot do in this life. You are in charge of your happiness. Talent is great, but can only get you so far. It’s hard work that will make your dreams come true.”

Lisa’s mission is to empower others with the powerful message of vulnerability. She leaves no topic or genre behind, from Power Pop singles with infectious melodies and strong hooks to haunting ballads. There will be something for everyone in her music.